Online Casino Welcome Bonus: How Does It Work?

The welcome bonus is a gift that online casinos give to new users. It is one of the most common resource platforms to attract audiences constantly. Thanks to this promotion, an advantage is given to potential players, encouraging them to play on the page.

The way the welcome bonus works is simple and is usually the same in most online casinos. This is a bonus on the player’s first deposits, traditionally accompanied by free spins to use of your choice.

In the particular case of Betway, the welcome bonus is divided into four parts. During the first four deposits, the user receives different bonuses. In the last of them, there will also be a gift of free spins, which can be used in your favourite games.

This way, new users can start their experience with an important gift accompanied by additional spins.

The welcome bonus has certain particular characteristics. To start, it is only available to new and one-time users.

Registering and making the first deposit is automatically activated, and the funds are credited to the account. On the other hand, the bonus needs a minimum to activate, as in the case of Betway.

As mentioned above, each bonus step has a particular percentage and gift limit. Therefore, further funds will only be received if deposits are within these amounts.

They also have an expiration date. Once activated, it lasts for 7 days to reap the benefits. After the deadline, if there are still funds left, they are removed from the account.

The same happens if the user withdraws before using the entire welcome bonus. This gift cannot be withdrawn immediately but must be used on the site. This means that when you withdraw, all unused value of the welcome bonus is lost.

In the case of a Betway user, they would have the freedom to use their welcome gift in the games of their choice.

Includes bonuses on deposits and free spins (in this case, only games of this type). It can be used in slots, roulette, card games, etc.

How to choose the best welcome bonuses 

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Choosing any casino bonus can be complicated, especially if you still need to figure out what game you want to play. However, it becomes easier when we narrow down the options to focus only on these types of bonuses.

So that you can choose in the best way, we will show you everything you need to know to claim the best welcome bonus.

Check our casino reviews.

The best way to find the welcome bonus you are looking for is, without a doubt, through our casino reviews.

In these reviews you will find information about the online casino welcome bonus that interests you the most and information related to the bonuses they offer, including the welcome bonuses.

Read the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions are among the most important parts of welcome bonuses (and any bonus in general).

No matter how complicated and boring it may seem, this section is of utmost importance since it will explain in detail the conditions you must meet and the best way to take advantage of the bonus.

Pay attention to the wagering or rollover requirement.

The wagering requirement is one of the easiest information on most bonuses. This wagering requirement refers to how often you will have to wager the bonus and deposit you made. The smaller the amount, the better for you.

Make sure the payment method you use is accepted.

Nothing is more annoying than realizing that your favourite payment method is not accepted at the casino welcome bonus right before claiming your welcome bonus.

To avoid this problem, check which payment methods the casino accepts. You can find this information in our casino reviews if you want to make it easy.

Online Casino Welcome Bonus: How Does It Work?

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